Who are we?

Urbes is a new real estate specialist. We started as construction company Romel, a reference in residential flats construction for years. The experience from that era of building residential and utility projects now serves to design highly prestigious new build projects in West-Flanders - and beyond. We endeavour to make our clients’ wishes come true, so we want you to be able to contact us personally, at any stage of your decision making process.

That is how we succeed to quickly find the newly-built flat or house you always dreamt of.  

Top quality offering

From newly-built flats to new villas: our designs totally blend with their environment and at the same time stand out because of their unique and timeless character. Residential or utilitarian? Enclosed in nature or right at the heart of the action of the town centre, or maybe a mix of both? Our portfolio will definitely hold the answer to your requirements. And to the perfect investment! 

Durable result

Being a modern project developer, we take up our responsibilities.
One of the cornerstones of all our new build projects is to keep your energy consumption levels as low as possible, as well as decreasing your ecological footprint. By using sustainable materials in our buildings, but also by constantly focusing on innovation.

Each design incorporates future energy needs. By choosing sustainable alternatives, we try to gain as much energy out of nature without depleting its sources – which isn’t only beneficial for Mother Nature, but also for you! 

Building your dream...

We build dreams and take that very seriously. Our advice is tailored to what you need, with specialists from this very region. Everything we do pivots around your satisfaction, always driven by reliability as one of our core values and collaborating with partners who share these same values. Top quality, playful and contemporary architecture!

Curious about our vision in action? 
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